Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired Nail Art.

Marc Jacobs Daisy print Nail Art.

This is one of my most favourite manicures. I love soft neutral manicures, even though most of my polish collection is pretty bright, it’s really nice to have a subtle mani every now and again. I also used some caviar beads that I purchased from superdrug (find these here). You do need to pick the gold beads out of these although I’m sure you can pick up plain micro beads from pretty much anywhere. I will add a side note about these beads, once you apply them and add topcoat, the colour from the beads runs to be careful when applying your topcoat. If you can’t get hold of any beads, gold nail polish applied with a dotting tool will look just as awesome :).

To create this design I used Barry M’s lychee and Majesty and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. You will also need a small dotting tool to create the flowers. When applying the micro beads, I use a dotting tool with a little bit of blu tack on the end to pick the beads up then lightly press them onto my nail whilst the polish for the flowers is still a tad wet. Then finish with topcoat 🙂


I hope you like this design. I think it would be perfect for the upcoming festival season. Where would you guys wear this?

Thanks for reading ❤ @perfectly_nailed 😘


7 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired Nail Art.

  1. This is beautiful! Although I think because of its floral print, it would be suited in spring as well don’t you think?

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