Girly Halloween nail art 2014

Seeing as though I choose “Gore” nail art yesterday (if you can call glitter drips gore hehe) I decided to turn the table round completely and do a super girly theme for Halloween nail art using a gorgeous skull charm that was part of the Nails Inc Leather and skulls collection which was out a couple of years ago I believe.

I used two nail polishes for this design Models Own Sun Hat and Flash White. For the black I used a black nail art pen from Simply Spoiled Beauty (you can receive 40% off your order here by using my code perfect at the checkout)

I love this design, I hope you do too 🙂


Do you guys have plans for Halloween? Thanks for reading 😘 @perfectly_nailed


6 thoughts on “Girly Halloween nail art 2014

  1. Gorgeous! I’m planning to have some awesome Halloween nails and to go out. Will be my first time to celebrate Halloween (we don’t do it in my home country). 😀

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