Full Throttle Leopard print nail art ft Barry M

Welcome to the second post of my simple nail art series. As you can see by my last post I had a huge spree at my local beauty store and bought as many of the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry polishes as I could, unfortunately some of them weren’t in stock but I managed to grab a hold of five of them. I believe there are nine in total.

It’s no lie that I am a huge fan of leopard print nails and most of my followers will know that whenever I have a break, you can guarantee that leopard print will find it’s way onto my nails. I think leopard print is really easy to do and once you have got the basic technique down you can create some amazing designs.

I used this new polish called Full Throttle it’s a gorgeous mellow orange that’s just bright enough to take us into spring. The formulas on these nail paints are lovely and they do dry a lot faster than most nail polishes, so kudos Barry M. I’d also like to give a quick mention the the new shaped brushes, I will also include a photo so you can see. These new brushes are great, they are also slightly curved so that even a nail painting novice could achieve flawless results. Brilliant!

Onto the nail art. Once I painted all my nail with the beautiful polish. It look three thin layers to become opaque. I added a thin layer of Barry M’s Silver foil effects nail paint onto my ring finger nail then over top I added a loose silver glitter from GOSH cosmetics ( I have had this a few years now so I am unsure whether this will still be available but any loose silver glitter would work just as well, or even a silver glitter nail polish). once the glitter has been applied, wait a couple of minutes before sealing it in with a top coat. To create the leopard print design I used a large and a small dotting tool. You just need to use a small amount of polish to create the leopards ‘spots’ with the larger dotting tool and once those spots are dry you then go in with your smaller dotting tool to ‘outline’ your spots, leaving gaps here and there to try make them as realistic as possible. Once the spots are dry your ready to go ahead with your top coat, and there you have it, simple beautiful nails that will look goregous in a range of colours to suit you.

Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Polish in Full throttle with leopard print nail art
Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Polish in Full throttle with leopard print nail art

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