White Diamond Simple Nail Art.

Well, Swarovski Crystals 🙂 But you get my point. How amazing would it be to actually have your finger nails dripping in diamonds!?

I’ve always loves white nails, I feel they are perfect for any season. Adding some crystals to any kind of plain nail polish gives a manicure an amazing classy finish, you can place your gems anywhere and they will be head turners, I promise. I know Swarovski crystals aren’t to everybody’s budget, but you can use diamantés and these will look just as cute, you can buy thousands of little rhinestones for as little as .99p, unlike these crystals which will set you back a lot more for a lot less.

I used two coats of the new Barry M Spring Gelly Collection in Cotton. Once I had waited for the polish to dry, I added two coats of Glitters, both Barry M, one coat of Silver Multi Glitter and one coat of Diamond Glitter, These are my base polishes for the crystals. I finished off the nail paints with a coat of Seche Vite. Once this had completely dried I added some strong nail glue to my nail (I use an unbranded nail glue) and placed the crystals on my nail with a dotting tool with a little blu tac on the end. The pictures I managed to capture of this manicure really don’t do it justice, I hope that you may recreate this manicure and see the true beauty for yourself 🙂




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