Dry Brush Manicure with Moyou Fashionista Stamping Plate

Whilst I’m still getting into the swing on nail art stamping, I’m firstly going to create some simple nail art stamping that everybody can do. I’m sure everybody is familiar with the ‘dry brush’ technique by now, if you aren’t, here’s a brief description:

To create a dry brush technique, you need to start with a base colour of your choice, once that has dried grab a few nail polish colours, I try to start with the lightest colour first, remove your brush from the polish bottle and scrape most of the polish off the brush using the the neck of the bottle, once you’ve removed most of the polish, apply the brush directly to your nail and using long strokes apply the polish. Once you’ve added all your colour, add a topcoat. It’s really that easy, you can create some awesome bases for nail art this way, or just rock them as they are!

The polishes I used for this manicure are: Barry M – Matte White, Models Own – Sun Hat, Bikini, Shades and Flip Flop and Seche Vite as a topcoat. once I had applied my dry brush, I used Black Knight stamping polish by Moyou and their Fashionista Stamping plate 4 (I’ve added an image of the design I used below)

As you can see, the design isn’t spot on. I definitely need some practise 🙂




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