Aztec And Marble Nail art

I didn’t even complete this design. I actually applied all the base coats to all nails and did the cling film technique also, but I only managed to paint 4 fingers :/ this manicure was far to complex for me to be dealing with on my cinderella hand. If you guys didn’t know, I always paint both hands, that’s why there’s generally more than a few days difference between the posts I upload to Instagram. I was inspired by an incredible artist on Instagram for this manicure, her IG is called urbanblissbeauty her skills are remarkable and they’re so unique, definitely becoming one of my fave artists, so check her out for sure πŸ™‚

I used OPI Can’t Find My Chezchbook for the base on most of my nails and I used Barry M Coconut on my ring finger. The cling film method was used to create the marble effect using black polish (this is done by adding blobs of polish to your nails once you’ve painted your base then applying plastic wrap to smudge it out). The Aztec design was done with a thin striping brush and black acrylic paint and them topped with Barry M Matte Topcoat πŸ™‚



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